“It’s human nature to search for happiness”

The Blue Remedy Series
 The Blue Remedy universe is exactly like our own, occurring in present day, featuring the same technologies and cultures that we are familiar with in an urban city setting.
 These stories follow different adventures of the same, repeated characters that are featured throughout.  This series takes place in a metropolis known as The City (based off New York City, USA), with a diverse cast of characters with differing backgrounds and life experiences. Dealing with a range of taboo topics such as addiction, emotional and physical abuse, mental health, and more, please use your own discretion when choosing what to read.
Check out the synopses below to pick the right story for you! All original webcomics featured by Blue Rabbit Comics are written and illustrated by Auntie Blue, head comic artist.


              Original Webcomics

Blue Remedy

Rating: Mature (L/D/S/V)
Status: active




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Nick and Friday, adult best friends and roommates in The City, are doing their best to find happiness in their every day lives.  They have finally started to scrape together a semblance of a decent life when one person comes crashing into their lives like a meteor- upsetting everything they’ve worked so hard to build. 

Sometimes you have to break everything down to build it back even better…or leave it in ruins.

Genre: Drama, Slice of life, BL/LGBTQ+

(Buttons marked with ** are for platforms with uncensored comic pages- blood, gore, anatomy)

Blue Shorts

Rating: Teen+ (D/L/S)

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Enjoy these hilarious short comics featuring the main characters of Blue Remedy! Drawn in a kawaii/chibi style, this printed comic book is a must have for indie comic enthusiasts.

All short comics are stand alone and canonical to the main story line.

Genre: Comedy, Slice of life, BL

I Hear You

Rating: Teen+ (L/D/V)
Status: complete


A prequel to Blue Remedy, take a peek in on a therapy session with one of the main characters of Blue Remedy.  Delve into their past to better understand what made them who they are today.

Season one is complete!

Genre: Drama, Slice of Life, BL
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