Blue Remedy

Meet the Mains



  My second oldest OC, and the mystery figure of the story.


First appears: Blue Remedy- Episode 3

 After I first came up with Nick way back when, I thought he needed a friend.  My first rendition of Ian is very different from the current one, as is his role in the story.  Unfortunately I can’t give any details on Ian, since discovering more about their character is a huge part of the story… and I absolutely cannot wait to take you on that journey!!! He is definitely one of the favorites of the Blue Remedy characters!


Ethnicity: White (???)

Height: 5′ 11″ (180 cm)

Current location: The City


 You’ll just have to read the comic to find out more!


Blue Remedy

Meet the Mains



  One of my earliest and oldest surviving OCs form my childhood (and now, one of the mains in my current project)

Nicholas A. Andrews

(aka Nick)

First appears: I Hear You- Episode 1 (Blue Remedy prequel)

 Nicky boy, Nicky boy, what is there to say about you, huh?  Well, his personality (good and bad) is mostly based off me, so that’s something :^).  Keep reading for some fun facts about my favorite- some which are seen in the comic Blue Remedy, and some from the prequel I Hear You.  I am trying not to put any spoilers, but you may want to stop here if you are really ANTI spoiler…just in case ;^)

Get to know Nick, one of the main characters from Blue Remedy!  All information provided here and for the other characters later this month is in accordance with the BEGINNING of Blue Remedy- lots of stuff may change as the story progresses!!


Middle name: Alvaro

Ethnicity: Latino (Colombian) x White (german irish)

Birthday: August 9 (age in Blue Remedy: 29yr ; I Hear You: 19yr)

Height: 6′ 1″ (185.5cm)

Place of Birth: Garden City Army Base  (approx 1hr outside of The City by car, 1.5 hr by train)

Current location: The City

Job: Paramedic, 3rd Shift (employed by The City)


Parents: John (deceased) and Sophia (52yr) Andrews

Siblings: None

Childhood:  Nick was raised by his mother and father in the Garden City Army Base.  He attended private military school for K-12.  He began his education in pre-med at the local university, but dropped out after three terms due to his father’s cancer diagnosis (he stayed home with his mom, helping to care for his father until he passed).  His father, a three star general for the Army, was often absent in his childhood due to extended military missions.  This was for the best, since whenever he was around he would mentally, emotionally, and physically abuse his son whenever he was “out of line”.  “Out of line”, according to John Andrews, was doing anything contrary to his idea of what a perfect son should be- from attitude, behavior, dress and appearance, choice of hobbies, choice of education, etc.  

Childhood Best Friend: Friday J. Jones

Current Best Friend: Friday J. Jones

Relationship status: uncommitted

Hobbies and Activities

Nick enjoys cooking, cleaning (read: throwing out old stuff to make room for new stuff), shopping, exercise, and dancing.

In his youth Nick participated in competitive dance (ballroom, hip hop, and belly dance).  After starting his career in The City and spending time in the gym with the goal of “building mass”, he no longer competes in dance nor has the abilities he did as a younger man.  However, he still enjoys dancing during his evenings off at clubs.

Currently, his main past time is fitness and exercise.  If he isn’t running on the streets of The City, he’s in the gym lifting weights and “bro-ing out” with the other gym rats.


I think that’s all I can tell you without getting into spoilers… :^) You’ll just have to read the comic to find out more!


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