Season Two Prologue

A patreon exclusive




 I aim to bring the highest tier content to my co-producers via Patreon- which can sometimes be very difficult.  I try to pour as much love and care as possible into everything I create, but I feel a specific responsibility to “pay back” those who provide monetary support to my projects, month after month.  Sometimes it’s exclusive SFW illustrations, sometimes sneak peeks/ earl previews…WIPs, sketches, NSFW (for some tiers)…but this month…oh boy, this month it’s a whole episode of Blue Remedy, for patrons only!

 Another reason that I put this episode on Patreon is because it deals with very sensitive and triggering topics that I do not want to put out to the open internet just yet.  Maybe one day I will release this episode publicly, but now is not the time.  This season deals with a lot of deep and dark stuff, and I don’t want to dive into the deep end right away, I want to build up slowly so people can acclimate to the new temperature that this story is going to be.

  But don’t worry! If you do not read this episode, you will not be left behind.  This is not critical to the storyline, but it is definitely very interesting, and very…suggestive (?) of things to come!

 After much deliberation I decided to make this episode available to all tiers…pledge anywhere from $3 to $8 dollars a month to access this episode and support my project! All other episodes are available on most webcomic platforms for free!

Self Publishing Ain’t Free

Bring our projects to life


 I have never considered art as a career choice- which is why I don’t plan to make a profit out of it.  However, I don’t want it to be a money suck either.  That’s why I aim to keep Blue Rabbit Comics a non profit, bringing in just enough to pay the bills for materials, website hosting, postage, etc.  But for that, I need your help!

 One of the ways that you can support the Blue Rabbit Comics active projects is by pledging on PATREON!  I use patreon as a hosting platform for exclusive content and early comic releases.  The payments for each tier process on the first of the month.  All proceeds from my patreon go directly back into Blue Rabbit Comics.  Some examples of purchases made from proceeds include:  one year of website hosting (, cardstock for printing, and convention table fees!  Let’s have a look at the different tier options on my patreon:

Please note, all tiers come with an initial “welcome pack” when an address is provided.  The welcome pack includes a thank you/welcome card and Blue Crew sticker

BLUE CREW: All Access

cost: 3$ USD/mo


  The Blue Crew All Access tier gives you a behind the scenes peek at WIPS and access to SFW exclusive illustrations.  You are also able to read the web comic Blue Remedy a week earlier than everyone else, and see the high-res version of social media posted illustrations weeks in advance!  All illustrations are downloadable, and sometimes I will make desktop wallpapers featuring my OCs, or Blue Crew official downloads. You also have access to discount codes for my shop, discounted commissions when available, along with occasional polls to help decide what kind of content will be coming up next! Let’s not forget being added to the “co producers” list, receiving a shout out every month and also being featured on the Meet the Crew portion of my website- linked to the website of your choice!  


Cost: 5$ USD/mo



The Blue Crew 18+ tier gives you all the benefits of the All Access tier, but with some 18+ additions ;^)!  Uncensored NSFW illustrations (gore/ violence/ nudity/ sex) are posted monthly, including the WIPs and occasional NSFW exclusive short comics!  Get access to polls to decide what kind of NSFW work will be coming up next!

BLUE CREW: Ride or Die

cost: 8$ USD/mo


As a ride or die member, you are among the elite- and we recognize that!  As part of your welcome package you will receive the exclusive ride or die crew sticker, and will receive anniversary stickers for the 6mo (gold) and 1 yr (holo) anniversary!  This is also the print pack tier- where you receive two 5×7 prints every two months (to save on postage and reduce our carbon footprint, packs are sent every two months instead of once monthly).  When it is available, one 8×10 print may be substituted when offered- you get to vote on which you want!


 With so many options at different price points, you get to support BRC as much as you can, while receiving your own exclusive benefits.  What’s not to love? Become an Official Blue Crew member now!


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