Smoke Break

An illustration



Smoking is bad for you, okay?

Don’t let Sacha fool you- he may make smoking look cool…but it’s not.  He’s not proud of it, he doesn’t enjoy it…in fact, he really wants to quit.  But smoking can become an addiction- and he goes absolutely OFF THE RAILS when he tries to stop cold turkey.  I hope he can find a way… the health effects are catching up to him ;_;


Season Two Prologue

A patreon exclusive




 I aim to bring the highest tier content to my co-producers via Patreon- which can sometimes be very difficult.  I try to pour as much love and care as possible into everything I create, but I feel a specific responsibility to “pay back” those who provide monetary support to my projects, month after month.  Sometimes it’s exclusive SFW illustrations, sometimes sneak peeks/ earl previews…WIPs, sketches, NSFW (for some tiers)…but this month…oh boy, this month it’s a whole episode of Blue Remedy, for patrons only!

 Another reason that I put this episode on Patreon is because it deals with very sensitive and triggering topics that I do not want to put out to the open internet just yet.  Maybe one day I will release this episode publicly, but now is not the time.  This season deals with a lot of deep and dark stuff, and I don’t want to dive into the deep end right away, I want to build up slowly so people can acclimate to the new temperature that this story is going to be.

  But don’t worry! If you do not read this episode, you will not be left behind.  This is not critical to the storyline, but it is definitely very interesting, and very…suggestive (?) of things to come!

 After much deliberation I decided to make this episode available to all tiers…pledge anywhere from $3 to $8 dollars a month to access this episode and support my project! All other episodes are available on most webcomic platforms for free!

She’s a Spooky Witch

illustration and redraw




I’m back on my redraw grind. 

When I was sorting through my illustrations to find my favorite of each character, I realized my favorite of Friday is no longer applicable to my current style…so I redrew it ;^) I’m also hosting a costume contest on my socials, so be sure to head over to my Instagram or Twitter to enter before Halloween!!

Blue Remedy Season Two

Cover Reveal



I am very happy to announce that season two will be posting publicly (on all platforms) starting

OCTOBER 31, 2022

((of course, patrons will be getting early access AND a special bridge episode between seasons one and two…))

This season is going to be very Ian-centric (*Ian fans scream in delight*)…but not in a good way.  You will be learning a lot about him in this season, and what has happened before he joins Nick and Friday in their apartment (how we are used to seeing him).  He will be getting his haircut, a few scars, and a new addiction…not to mention some more red flags…

are you ready?

Blue Remedy

Meet the Mains



  I knew my story needed a little pizzazzzzzz…

Friday j. Jones

(aka Yay)

First appears: I Hear You- Episode 13 (Blue Remedy prequel)

 Watch out people, the queen is coming through!  Let me tell you a bit about our girl Friday- some which are seen in the comic Blue Remedy, and some from the prequel I Hear You.  I am trying not to put any spoilers, but you may want to stop here if you are really ANTI spoiler…just in case ;^)

Get to know Friday, one of the main characters from Blue Remedy!


Middle name: Joanna

Ethnicity: White (German, Welsh, French)

Birthday: July 6 (age in Blue Remedy: 29yr ; I Hear You: 19yr)

Height: 5′ 4″ (162.5cm)

Place of Birth: Garden City Army Base  (approx 1hr outside of The City by car, 1.5 hr by train)

Current location: The City

Job: ER Trauma nurse, 3rd Shift (employed by The City Memorial)


Parents: Jonathon (60yr) and Shauna (57yr) Jones

Siblings: Colton (31yr) , Hunter (25yr) , Marley (25yr),

Childhood:  Friday grew up with her large family on the Garden City Army Base.  She attended the local private military school for her K-12 education.  After graduation, she went to the local college for nursing, where she completed her education and obtained a BS in nursing.  Being the middle child, she often helped her mother care for her twin little brothers, Hunter and Marley, while enjoying the affections and protection of her elder brother Colton.   Her home was a loving one, with strong bonds between all family members.  Even though her father was often away on military orders, she would definitely be described as a “daddy’s girl”, spending a lot of time with him whenever he was home.  

 Friday has alopecia, which began to show itself in her sophomore year of high school.  Losing her hair was a very traumatic (and unexpected) event, as the only other person in her family to show signs of alopecia was her great aunt on her mother’s side.  Dealing with the whispers and gossip surrounding her condition was a very difficult thing to go through at such a sensitive age, and she still finds it difficult to disclose her condition to new people in her life. 

Childhood Best Friend: Nick A. Andrews

Current Best Friend: Nick A. Andrews

Relationship status: Committed (unmarried)

Hobbies and Activities

Friday loves reading, pampering herself (read: hogging the bathroom), and shopping!

Friday can be a bit of a homebody at times, and enjoys losing herself in a good book.  She will never say no to a saucy novel ;^).  You’ll often find her with a book in her purse, just incase she gets held up or bored at work or while running errands. The only thing better than a good book is a good book in a bathtub filled with floral scented bubbles and a face mask on!  This queen loves to feel pampered, even if she has to do it for herself!


I think that’s all I can tell you without getting into spoilers… :^) You’ll just have to read the comic to find out more!


Blue Remedy

Meet the Mains



  My second oldest OC, and the mystery figure of the story.


First appears: Blue Remedy- Episode 3

 After I first came up with Nick way back when, I thought he needed a friend.  My first rendition of Ian is very different from the current one, as is his role in the story.  Unfortunately I can’t give any details on Ian, since discovering more about their character is a huge part of the story… and I absolutely cannot wait to take you on that journey!!! He is definitely one of the favorites of the Blue Remedy characters!


Ethnicity: White (???)

Height: 5′ 11″ (180 cm)

Current location: The City


 You’ll just have to read the comic to find out more!


Blue Remedy

Meet the Mains



  One of my earliest and oldest surviving OCs form my childhood (and now, one of the mains in my current project)

Nicholas A. Andrews

(aka Nick)

First appears: I Hear You- Episode 1 (Blue Remedy prequel)

 Nicky boy, Nicky boy, what is there to say about you, huh?  Well, his personality (good and bad) is mostly based off me, so that’s something :^).  Keep reading for some fun facts about my favorite- some which are seen in the comic Blue Remedy, and some from the prequel I Hear You.  I am trying not to put any spoilers, but you may want to stop here if you are really ANTI spoiler…just in case ;^)

Get to know Nick, one of the main characters from Blue Remedy!  All information provided here and for the other characters later this month is in accordance with the BEGINNING of Blue Remedy- lots of stuff may change as the story progresses!!


Middle name: Alvaro

Ethnicity: Latino (Colombian) x White (german irish)

Birthday: August 9 (age in Blue Remedy: 29yr ; I Hear You: 19yr)

Height: 6′ 1″ (185.5cm)

Place of Birth: Garden City Army Base  (approx 1hr outside of The City by car, 1.5 hr by train)

Current location: The City

Job: Paramedic, 3rd Shift (employed by The City)


Parents: John (deceased) and Sophia (52yr) Andrews

Siblings: None

Childhood:  Nick was raised by his mother and father in the Garden City Army Base.  He attended private military school for K-12.  He began his education in pre-med at the local university, but dropped out after three terms due to his father’s cancer diagnosis (he stayed home with his mom, helping to care for his father until he passed).  His father, a three star general for the Army, was often absent in his childhood due to extended military missions.  This was for the best, since whenever he was around he would mentally, emotionally, and physically abuse his son whenever he was “out of line”.  “Out of line”, according to John Andrews, was doing anything contrary to his idea of what a perfect son should be- from attitude, behavior, dress and appearance, choice of hobbies, choice of education, etc.  

Childhood Best Friend: Friday J. Jones

Current Best Friend: Friday J. Jones

Relationship status: uncommitted

Hobbies and Activities

Nick enjoys cooking, cleaning (read: throwing out old stuff to make room for new stuff), shopping, exercise, and dancing.

In his youth Nick participated in competitive dance (ballroom, hip hop, and belly dance).  After starting his career in The City and spending time in the gym with the goal of “building mass”, he no longer competes in dance nor has the abilities he did as a younger man.  However, he still enjoys dancing during his evenings off at clubs.

Currently, his main past time is fitness and exercise.  If he isn’t running on the streets of The City, he’s in the gym lifting weights and “bro-ing out” with the other gym rats.


I think that’s all I can tell you without getting into spoilers… :^) You’ll just have to read the comic to find out more!


Blue Remedy

An active project by Blue Rabbit Comics






 If you have heard of Blue Remedy already- you’re a winner!  If you haven’t…where have you BEEN?


 Blue Remedy an original webcomic is my first self-publishing project, and it has taken on a life of it’s own!  I started dreaming up this idea waaaaay back in high school.  At the time it was very different, with a lot of difference in the characters as well.  As time went on and I grew up, so did the story.  Let me tell you a little more about it!  Character introductions will be posted every Sunday in April, so make sure to turn your notifications ON!


 Blue Remedy takes place in a metropolis called The City (based off New York City, USA).  It predominantly follows the lives of Nick and Friday, adult best friends and roommates (with some offshoots with other characters of importance).  I would characterize this story as a Drama/ Slice of Life with some fantasy elements and BL/ LGBTQ experiences within.  It is intended to look at the dark and gritty parts of the human condition, delving into many triggering topics and taboos.  There is plenty of comedic relief, romances (that thrive and some that bomb), building friendships, and other happier points as well.  Just like real life, it has its ups and downs…and I am so psyched to share them all with you!


The world that these characters inhabit is exactly like ours, I’ve just named the localities differently.  For example. Colombia is still Colombia, England is still England, and the US is still the US.  But instead of different states, I refer to places as cities, and reference state and city nicknames.  For example, instead of New York City- they live in The City (a nickname given by those who live in the area), New Jersey is Garden City, Las Vegas is Sin City, Connecticut is Nutmeg City…etc etc!  Yes, it is an over simplification- but I don’t care :^) It’s my story and I’m sticking to it!  Knowing the logic behind the names is not that important, but if you are from the area it can be fun to find the little “easter eggs” referencing real places :^)

This story skirts on the edge of what can be scientifically proven and the beliefs of different cultures and peoples.  Straddling this fence is incredibly exciting as a writer, and also lends to easy story telling.  Most of the traditions, taboos, superstitions, etc presented in the story are already known by most of the audience- meaning I don’t have to spend a lot of time fleshing them out. 

Origins and Character Development

I started this project waaaaaaay back in high school.  It started off very differently though.  

Nick is one of my earliest OCs, created in my junior year of high school.  Shortly after him came Ian (he had a different name then).  I put them together in a story that took place in a college town in Spain, but then came the name – Blue Remedy.  I was in an advanced English composition class back then, and I was advised to write about what you know…so I wrote about starting college, and what I thought that would be like and the struggles of leaving home.  I was drawing it traditionally, and I got a good 20 ish pages in before I stopped because I got too busy with school and work.

 As I matured, so did the story.  What I know now is very different than what I knew back then, so I aged up my characters and made some new ones!  Nick and Ian got a revamp (and in Ian’s case, a new name), and the location of the story changed to The City (I have visited New York City on a few occasions, and have lived in other large cities in the past…so that was one of those “write what you know” situations). 

To make the story deeper, I started adding more reoccurring characters based on people I actually knew- starting with Friday!  Since Ian was no longer cast as one of Nicks best buddies, he needed a new BFF.  Friday is based on my real life best friend, who was there since the start of the project way back when!  After Friday came a slew of secondary characters- Dante and Lisa included!  One of the newest mains is Sacha, who I based off a mix of my husband and my brother.  They are both Aries men and are similar in a lot of ways- but also different, since of course my partner treats me differently than my brother would…it helped me to flesh out Sacha’s behaviors to approach him from different angles,

One of the aspects I love about making my characters is that they are based on real people.  It helps me to really develop their good and bad traits without bias, and add some quirky facts about them that I may not have otherwise thought up.  Of course I do mix it up sometimes.  For example, Nick is based off me- but he also loves sweets, which comes from my partner.  Sacha is based off my partner, but he is heavily tattooed and pierced- which is something I enjoy.  Friday, though based on my best friend, hates tomatoes like I do.  Get what I mean? ;^)


Don’t miss out another minute!  Start reading right away!
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